September 2022 Update

I love summer flowers!

For those who have asked me, the baby shower flowers are in the white Mason jar.


Enjoy summer flowers as long as you can!  It’s September now and as the evenings become cooler, we are getting closer to the cold Winter months!

During our Monthly General meetings at the Uxbridge Legion, wearing masks will be optional.   At our Club’s Indoor Events wearing masks will be what the Coordinators and host households prefer.

There will be Interest Group sign-up sheets at the back of the Legion meeting room.  If you are interested in joining any of the groups, add your name & contact information to the sign-up sheets!  Please print!  Or you can contact me at

Some Coordinators will be wearing their Group Name Tags & may be available around the room to answer any questions you may have.  A few Coordinators may also be sitting at the back of the room with the sign-up sheets.  Everyone joining an Interest Group must be a Club member!  If you are a new Club member, please indicate with NM beside your name.

There usually isn’t a charge to join an Interest Group, but some may have a minimal fee to pay for using the venue.



BOOK LOVERS – The Current Book Club has reached their maximum number of members. I am suggesting another potential book group called “Book Lovers”.  If a spot becomes vacant on the current Book Club member’s list, the first Club member to join the Book Lovers group will be referred to the Book Club.  As more members join Book Lovers, it will just need a Coordinator to become an active group!


Many of you completed the survey that was sent to Club members recently. 

From your responses I’m adding potential groups you may want to join:

Music: (Singing and or Playing), Sports: (Running, Biking, Sailing, Skiing, Skating), Nature Hiking, Card & Board Games, Cooking, Animals (Horses & Dogs), Live Theatre, Fitness (Exercising, Yoga, Swimming), Church, Photography, History, Home Reno, Sailing.

If you have another idea of another potential new group or want to join one of the above suggested groups, please contact me at the General Meeting or at


Current Interest Groups:

To join an Interest Group please contact me, Betty Bignell at 

ART CLUB - Interim Coordinator!! - Don Thomas

You do not have to be a professional artist to join this group!  Members will get together to chat about what activities the group may want to do.  If you are interested in joining this new group, please contact me at !



On September 27 at 2:30 group members will meet to discuss “Lolita”, by Vladimir Nabokov. 

Choosing one book a month, the premise of the Banned Book group is to read and discuss previously banned or censored books.  Members will bring titles of banned books they’ve read and will take turns at suggesting a book group others might enjoy.


Beginning on October 18 at 1:30, the group will meet on the third Tuesdays monthly at 1:30.  The Banned Book Club still has room for more members, if interested contact me, Betty Bignell at


Coordinator: Camille Scarlett



This group has currently reached the

maximum number of members.


On September 22 the group will discuss “Humankind A Hopeful History” by Rutger Bregman.


Proposed future readings are:

“Braiding Sweetgrass” by Robin Kimmerer,

“The Weight of Ink” by Rachel Kadish and

“How to Pronounce Knife“ by S. Thammavongsa. 

Coordinators:  Lyn May and Lenore Moore


Jim has arranged with the owner of Town Trolley Tours Uxbridge, to drive group members to various casinos once a month beginning in November.  The casino visits will vary, some arriving for lunch and spend a few hours and others for longer periods of time gambling.  Group members will be contacted with more information.  If you are interested in joining the Casino Visits Group, please contact me at

Coordinator: Jim Boyle


The group will start meeting again on Tuesday, September 6 at 10:00 am until noon.


Coordinator:  Carolyn Hicken



On September 1st, the group discussed hostas, pruning and splitting perennials.
There will be a small one-time fee for members and another small fee each time the group meets. 

For more information or to join the group, please contact me, Betty Bignell at .


Coordinator:  Sally Kotsopoulos


The next meeting will be on September 15 from 1:00 - 3:00.  Members will bring the craft they are working on & maybe crafts they’ve completed for a photo to show others in our next newsletter report!

There will be a small initial charge and weekly charge for members of this group.

For more information or to join the group, please contact me, Betty Bignell at .


Coordinator:  Sally Kotsopoulos



The group explores forest trails near Uxbridge in the Durham and York Regions for 1 ½ to 2 hours.  The Hiking Group meets monthly at 9:30 am on the first and third Thursday.













The next hike is scheduled for Thursday September 15.  Hike details are emailed to group members for Pre-registration.

If you are interested in joining this Interest Group, send your request to Betty Bignell at

Coordinators:  Carol Fraser, John Wilcock

KITCHEN BRIDGE – A Group for Both Women and Men!

The Kitchen Bridge group started again on September 1st. The group was anxious to get started again for another season of fun! 

Kitchen Bridge meets on the first Thursday of each month.

If you are interested in playing, please contact Betty Bignell at

Coordinators:  Margaret & Rene Blanchet



The Ladies’ Bridge will be playing on Wednesday, September 21. Online “Trickster” will begin playing again soon!

The Ladies Bridge group meets on the third Wednesday of each month.

Coordinator:  Carol Chillman



In August with members from five other PROBUS Clubs, many from our Let’s Eat Out & Movies groups, enjoyed dinner at “The Locker at The Falls” in Fenelon Falls. They were offered a free shared appetizer for being PROBUS Club theatre attendees. After the dinner, the group also enjoyed an outdoor performance of “39 Steps” at “The Grove”.  It was a wonderful evening! 

The group meets monthly on the third Thursday.


If you would like to join the group, please contact, Betty Bignell at

Coordinators: Gail & Chuck Heroux


The next session for Line Dancing will run for 10 Fridays starting on September 23 from 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. and ending on December 2 (no class on November 11).  The cost will be $50 or less (depending on the number of participants) for the 10 classes to pay for renting the Studio.


If interested in dancing with Carolyn and friends, contact Betty at

Coordinator: Carolyn Hicken



On Monday August 29 the Lunch Group enjoyed lunch at “One Eyed Jack’s” in Uxbridge.  The group won’t be getting together in September because many of you will be very busy attending the Social Events!

The photos were taken by Ron Cordingley.

If you are interested in joining the Lunch Club, please contact me at Betty Bignell at

The Lunch Group meets on the last Monday of each month.

If you are interested in joining this group, please contact me at

Coordinators:  Betty Bignell & Joy Freemantle


In August many of our Movies group members, along with members from five other PROBUS Clubs enjoyed attending a performance of Buchan’s farce, “39 Steps” at “The Grove Theatre”. 

It was a stunning outdoor venue in Fenelon Falls. The five clubs received a ticket discount when purchasing the requisite number of tickets, including 16 from our group. 


For more information or to join this group, contact, Betty Bignell at .


Coordinators: Gail and Chuck Heroux


MAHJONG  -  Interim Coordinator - Marilyn McLeod

A potential location has been found and group members will be notified of the day and time the group will meet.  This group has been inactive since 2019. 

To ensure the current list of members is accurate, please contact me, Betty Bignell. Similarly, if you now want to join the group, please contact me at

MEDITATION - Coordinator Required


Currently members of the group are currently playing from 10:00 -12:00 on Tuesday and Friday mornings. 

If interested in joining this group, please contact Betty Bignell at


Coordinator: Gerry Bignell



The Scrabble group will meet on Wednesday, September 14 at 1:00 pm.


New members are welcome and if interested in joining this new group, please contact Betty Bignell at


Coordinator: Judy Fink



The group begins again with Fall meetings on September 21 and October 19. Members will be sharing recent and planned adventures.  Guest speakers have been confirmed as well.

Group members will be informed of location, time and speaker details.   New members are always welcome. 


If interested in joining this group, please contact Betty Bignell at


Coordinator:  Kathy Clulow



The group meets monthly on the third Wednesday at 10:00 am.  A different location is chosen each month.  A social group, they walk at a moderate pace for about an hour. After the walk, if near a coffee shop members rest and chat with a coffee.  On September 21, the group will be walking together again.

New members will always be welcome!  

If you are interested in joining this group, please contact Betty Bignell .


Coordinator:  June O’Donnell



TThe Wine Club will meet again on September 14th at 7:00 pm. The Wine Club has been sampling and learning about wines from different regions of the world, including Canada. The group is meeting in members' homes and enjoy introductions to new people as well as new wines!


Anyone wishing to join the group please contact Betty Bignell at

Group will meet monthly on the second Wednesday at 7:00.


Coordinators:  Margaret and Rene Blanchet, Sherrill Burns



Betty Bignell

Interest Group Chair