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A Note from the President:


Welcome to the Uxbridge PROBUS website. 

Welcome to the Uxbridge PROBUS website.  It is intended as a reference and source of information about our activities and operations.

Since the pandemic was declared two years ago, all our lives were changed in many ways.  Our Probus activities also had to change because we are primarily a social club.  Our whole reason for existence is to bring people together in enjoyable, friendly social activities, including monthly meetings with speakers, daytrips around our region to events like tours, theatre and dining, all of which involve the kind of personal contact that has been taken away from us.

However, we refused to bow down and resign from our function, and as a result, a new normal in social connection has evolved.  Our club began meeting in the fall of 2020 using the computer application called Zoom, re-inventing our monthly meetings, and some social activities for the new format. 


The good news is that we are finally returning to a modified semblance of normal, and personal gatherings have started to happen.  We of course require that all in-person participants be fully vaccinated, and masks be worn at large indoor meetings.

I am awed by the creativity of our members as they navigate the new world.  Events that incorporate gatherings in safe environments continue to practice our theme of providing a social experience.

We are starting in April to meet in person at our new hall, the Uxbridge Legion.  We hope to simulcast the meeting to members who are not yet ready to join us in person, and will also record the meeting for a YouTube distribution afterwards.

If you are looking for a friendly group of retirees to connect with and share events and experiences, I hope you will consider our organization.  We have no political agenda of any kind: we exist only to make friends and have a good time.

Thanks for reading, and for visiting our site.


Chuck Heroux


April, 2022

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